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IELTS Reading Test


Phoenix IELTS Academy welcomes everyone on our blog. Spring has set forth its beautiful colours and the weather has become so pleasant. The beautiful Spring morning motivates us to be a dream catcher. 

In this article, we will be looking in IELTS Reading module. As we have discussed in the previous articleS, IELTS test is divided into 4 modules and Reading test is one of them. Like other modules, IELTS Reading test also carries 9 bands, though the pattern for the test is different for Academics and General Training test types.

This article mainly consists of Academics IELTS Reading test.

-There are 3 sections in this test and its duration is 60 minutes.
-There is no negative marking for the wrong answer, therefore, it is advisable not to leave any answer blank in the answer sheet
-Each section consists of a long text and the questions in that section are based on that comprehension only.
-Apart from the circumscription, there can be non-text based questions which may include graphs, diagrams, illustrations, flowchart etc.
-All the above mentioned non-text type questions consist of an easily-understandable glossary.

Phoenix IELTS Academy is the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali that grooms you so that you are able to perform well in your IELTS test and achieve the best grades.

Now, we move to the type of questions that are usually asked during the test. 

1. Multiple Choice Questions- A question is provided which contains 4 probable answers, and you have to pick the best answer according to the passage.

2. Fill in the gaps- Also known as Fill-Ups, a short paragraph is given with blanks and you have to fill the suitable keyword according to the passage.

3. Match the headings- A set of headings is provided. The paragraphs in the comprehension are also numbered. You have to match the headings and make appropriate pairs with its corresponding paragraph number.

4. True/False/Not Given OR Yes/No- A statement is provided and you have to answer whether it is a correct or a wrong statement in accordance with the passage.

5. Choose the correct statement- A topic would be provided from the comprehension and you would be asked to pick the best statements that reflect the information related to that topic.

Stay tuned for more information on IELTS Reading test for General test. We will be discussing the question types in detail in future posts. Visit us on our Facebook page for more queries.


Happy New Year

Best IELTS Institute in mohali- Happy Lohri

Happy New Year..!!

Phoenix IELTS Academy wishes everyone a very
Happy New Year. We wish that this year is filled with happiness
and good luck for everyone.

“Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and be the
best that you can, and you'll get to where God wants you to be.”  - Joel Osteen

Last year was marked with so many target achievements. PIA
has secured a position of the best IELTS institute in Mohali. The
list of target band achievers in PIA is way too long. We would
like to thank each and everyone for showing an immense trust
in us.

With the new year, came the first festival- Lohri. It is the first
and one of the important and most celebrated festivals of
Punjab. PIA family also celebrated the festival with great zeal.
Even our old students showed up. It was a moment of joy in the
Academy. The Bolis and Punjabi songs those were sung by all,
made the moment a memory worth remembering. The warmth
of Bonn fire, the sweetness of Gurh and Rewari along with old
folks is the gift of Lohri in the winter season.

Festivals are ice-breakers in the monotonous life that we all are
living in this busy world. The enjoyment and happy hours refill
the energy to carry our work. It is our bonding that makes these
festivals worth a wait and our students make us realize that we
have really done well in creating and maintaining bonds. We do
not treat our students as some money making the machine. We
really put in our best efforts to make our student an “achiever”.
Well, this is what that makes us the best IELTS Institute in

About PIA

PIA is an IELTS and English Speaking Course provider in Mohali.
We are situated in the heart of the city and the place is well
connected with Chandigarh, Kharar, Ropar, Zirakpur etc.
Students from all over Punjab visit us for our services. PIA is
known to provide results in minimum time with our
well-researched strategies. Our team of experienced trainers
has compiled the best study material for the students. Even
the first-timers with IELTS have been able to achieve their
target scores and get admission in reputed colleges across the
globe. Come and join and the PIA family and give wings to your
dreams. For any query, contact us.


Farewell 2017

Best IELTS Institute in Mohali

Bye-Bye 2017 

Hello Everyone,
We have reached the end of 2017 and its time to bid adieu to the wonderful year. We were deemed as the best IELTS Institute in Mohali by our happy clients and we are now ready to welcome the new year with open arms and are ready to face any challenges that come our way. With this, we would also like to thank each and every member of the PIA family for their association with us.

IELTS is a gateway to fulfill your dream and we, at Phoenix IELTS Academy, guide you to achieve your goal with minimum input. With a team of highly qualified and trained professionals, we have surpassed many academies that claim themselves as the best IELTS Academy in Mohali. It is our hard work that has shown results.

We do not believe in mugging up the subject as English is not at all something that can be crammed. Our trainers share the tried and tested strategies with the students. These techniques ensure an easy journey in IELTS. Our study material is up-to-date with the latest exam pattern as our team is constantly on the lookout to provide the best of practice material to our clients. We believe in sharing the right knowledge and discarding the obsolete.

"Practice makes the man perfect"

We offer practice sessions where one can test his level before going for the actual test. These tests provide proper exposure to all the module and prepare the candidate for the real-time situation. A thorough practice makes a person confident and there is no space left for nervousness and blackouts.

As we know, IELTS is a test to evaluate a person on the basis of 4 modules. Sticking to one module and ignoring the other is not our policy. We ensure that the student receives the best support from us. Our weekly mocks are designed in such a way that helps us to identify the weak area of our student. We prepare a student according to his need and help him bring out his best.

Our motto encourages us to rise high like a phoenix with the eyes on the goal. Our only goal is to spread quality education without any compromise. It is our dedication towards our work, that has helped us to secure a reputed position in the industry.
If you have any query related to IELTS or about English, feel free to contact us anytime. Be a part of the PIA family and proper. 


Ielts Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking 

 IELTS speaking test


Phoenix IELTS Academy is the best IELTS institute in Mohali. We thoroughly train you for the IELTS Test.

Today we will talk about Speaking Module of the IELTS Test. It is the test to evaluate your English speaking skills.

Just like other modules, Speaking module is of 9 bands, but this test is conducted in a very different pattern as compared to other tests and is the shortest among them. Here, unlike other modules, an interviewer takes your interview to evaluate your English speaking skills.

The test is divided into 3 parts. The introduction round, the cue card or the monologue round and the discussion round.

  • Introduction- This is the first round of the test. The questions asked are more about the examinee and requires to be answered in short. Eg is “Who is your favourite family member?” “Why he or she is your favourite” etc.
  • Cue Card- Here, the examiner will provide you with a topic. You will be given 1 minute to make points for this topic and anther 1-2 minutes to speak on it. Always utilize the the time given to make notes properly.
  • Discussion- This round is very important as the examiner will take up questions that are related directly or indirectly to the topic in round 2. Here, detailed answers are expected for the questions.

Let us talk about some tips that will definitely be handy before and during the test. If you want to know more, then visit the best IELTS Institute in Mohali.

  1. Before you go for the test, start practising speaking in English. Talk to your family and friends in English. This will help you to overcome hesitation.
  2. For practise sake, watch English movies that have subtitles, but remember that you do not have to copy the accent.
  3. Never try to copy any accent from other country, this does not impresses the interviewer. Rather, you can lose marks if the examiner detects any fakeness in your tone.
  4. When you enter the test room, always start with greeting the examiner. You can say “Good morning” or “Hello”. Always be formal in your greeting.
  5. Always be confident, but remember, being over-confident is also not required.
  6. Maintain eye-contact during the conversation-This makes you look confident and shows that you are interested to talk.
  7. First let the examiner complete his or her question and then start answering. Take 2-3 seconds to start with you answer, this looks natural. Abruptly starting your answer may impose that you have crammed the answers.

All these tips are really important and one should keep in mind all the points. You will surely do well in your test.


Best IELTS Institute in Mohali

Best IELTS Institute in Mohali

Best IELTS Institute in Mohali

Greetings Everyone,

This winter come and give wings to your dreams..

Phoenix IELTS Academy is working hard so that you can have 
the best results. Our students tag us as the best IELTS Institute 
in Mohali city due to our efforts.

Our facilities include IELTS training and Spoken English 
Classes. Our faculty is the best training team in town. With 
in-depth market research and latest exam patterns, we 
periodically update our training materials. We believe in 
quality education and our happiness is linked with our 
satisfied customers.

The founder, Mrs. Hargeet Bhasin has a long experience in 
IELTS training. Her team of well trained professionals is 
dedicated towards the client’s need. It is for this very 
reason that our students tag us as the best IELTS institute 
in Mohali.

Key features of the best Ielts institute in Mohali..

Our academy has given best results with the first timers 
as well. It is our training that make us stand out from the 
crowd. Beginners are treated separately and a step-by-step 
guidance is provided to them.

Working students can also undergo IELTS training as we 
have our shift timings starting from 8:00 AM in the morning.

Proper focus is given to each and every module. We are well 
equipped with the latest gadgets to give hassle-free training.

Our class-tips for reading and writing are well tested and 
tried. Even a beginner in IELTS find it easy to grasp the 
techniques that are taught in the academy.

We provide test batch to our students whose exam dates 
are nearby. This enables the student to experience exam-like 
atmosphere. Sometimes a student becomes nervous with the 
exam schedule. Our tests are exactly on the IELTS real exam 
pattern. This prevents nervous block and enhances 
performance as the student becomes thorough with different 
pattern of questions that are usually asked in the exam.

Weekly evaluation test is also an important feature of our 
training program. Training is futile until proper evaluations 
are done to see where we stand in the competition. IELTS is a 
capability test and is a competition with our own self. These 
mock tests exactly highlights the weak areas of a student. All these 
tests are properly discussed in the classes.

You can also enjoy these facilities at our academy. Join PIA and 
prosper with our PIA-Family. Contact us for any query.


We nailed it yet again..!!!

Best IELTS Institute in Mohali

Its merry time in PIA as our first timers in IELTS have successfully hit their target scores. Preeti Rana and Navjot Kaur have attained desired bands in their first attempt only. It is really a big achievement for our center. Both the girls are dedicated and fast learners.

Preeti Rana- Phoenix IELTS Academy
Preeti Rana
Navjot Kaur- Phoenix Ielts Academy
Navjot Kaur

Hard work and dedication is important to success and our students just have the right amount of these. Burning the midnight oil is not always required. Sometimes, all you need is to work smart and act in the right direction. Mrs. Hargeet and her team guides the students in proper direction. Our students really believe in their methodology. Preeti Rana has scored an overall 6.5 bands score. In her own words, she talks about her experience with us,

Experience with Phoenix IELTS Academy

We believe in ourselves and with each passing moment we are trying hard to get better and better. It makes us feel proud when our students show such faith in us. We do not serve clients, we just work hard for the PIA Family to prosper.

You may find many IELTS institute in mohali, but when you want the best then do think about Phoenix Ielts Academy. We are the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali and our results just prove us right. For any query and guidance, feel free to contact us at our center.

Another feather in Our Cap

IELTS Institute in Mohali- Jaskaran

PIA has successfully added another feather in its cap. One of our students- Jaskaran Singh- has finally been able to turn his dream into reality. A young enthusiast would soon be boarding the plane to Canada as he is able to grab a Visa for the country. Heartiest Congratulations Jaskaran..!!

The quality that helped Jaskaran to succeed was his continued efforts in getting the desired bands. Practise is the key to success and Jaskaran really worked hard for this test.

In his words, 

Best Ielts institute in Mohali- Jaskaran

It is rightly said, “To be a champion, one has to see the big picture, success will surely come to you.” When a person is dedicated towards his work, all things start falling into place. There may be many hurdles in the path, but to move forward is the key to success.

Yet again, Phoenix IELTS Academy has proved its presence and marked itself as the Best Institute in Mohali. We also appreciate our students who have shown immense trust in us. PIA has well trained professionals working hard to provide the best study material. We strive to deliver results. Contact us for being a part of the PIA Family.